The world passing by

The world passing by

a cura di Teresa Marasca e Giulia Maponi

dal 7 al 14 Febbraio 2020 GABA.MC Young

We proudly present, next friday, a collective exposition of the artworks created from the Erasmus students welcomed in our Accademia. On the direction of the professor Teresa Marasca, the Accademia offers the opportunity of exhibiting their art to the students that have attended the courses in the first semester and now are preparing to come back in their Countries. This unique occasion won’t postpone the appointment usually reserved for the last part of the academic year, in June.

The artworks you can enjoy will be very diverse, as their authors come from different backgrounds and experiences. There’ll be photos, drawings, sculptures, painting, installations. The gathering of those different styles and stories is the perfect occasion to appreciate differences and commonalities in art and human experience; to remember and strengthen our intercultural identity; to widen everyone’s horizons and promote learning through cultural exchange.

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