February Exam Session - Info for Incoming Erasmus Students

 The present communication is to inform you that the official calendar for the forthcoming exam session in February has just been released. 

Kindly be informed that the complete period of the exam session goes from 7th to 26th February; you will find the exact dates (week by week) of each exam in the official calendar, at the following links: 
  • send an e-mail to each professor to book your exam before the beginning of the exam session;
  • if not yet done, ask us for the Italian exam document to be submitted to each professor during the exam, so that they can register the grade and the credits of your assessment; to receive this document you are asked to send us an e-mail with the list of exams (and professor's name) you are going to take in the forthcoming session. When the document is completed with all the exams you have scheduled, please, send it back to us (even by e-mail), so that we can use it to prepare your final Erasmus documents, necessary to complete your mobility procedures. 

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P.zza V.Veneto 5
62100 Macerata
T +39 0733 405150

Sede Operativa
Via Berardi, 6  
T. +39 0733 405111

Aule distaccate 
Via Garibaldi 87
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Aule distaccate 
Via Gramsci
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ex.conv. S.Giovanni
T. +39 0733 405125

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